Homes by Highgate raises the bar.

Homes by Highgate websiteHomes by Highgate construct houses that display a distinct personality. Upon closer examination the quality of their construction is of the highest caliber. Their brand had to communicate the quality of their craftmanship across the various streams of advertising; web, print, and onsite signage.

One of the prominent goals for Highgate on the web is that they should have their own unique personality to stand out from the crowd. The website evokes an intellectual attention to detail by the use of subtle lines. To further strengthen the companies trademark use of stone materials, the left side of the website depicts the stacking of stones which have a truly graphic appeal. The site also incorporates the use of a smooth gallery of their homes, with large images to show viewers the up-close details of their work. With nothing to hide and everything to show, the Highgate website has been a very useful tool for the company in generating new business.

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Highgate’s new kitfolder design uses a custom door flap on the front to enclose the folder. The dead bolt on the door secures the folder to help keep the insert sheets from falling out. A metallic ink was used with an added varnish to give it an extra shine.

Kitfolder frontKitfolder inside spreadKitfolder back
Homes by Highgate Business Cards

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