Making music visible with album art.

An interesting and fun opportunity arose for Capture Branding to collaborate with artist Matthew Alexa and photographer Candace Berry.

Matthew Alexa’s self-produced debut album Chasing Airplanes is firmly planted in today’s modern rock, but draws on elements of American country and blues. Alexa came to us wanting a digipak album design, promotional posters, and was also in need of branding within a Bandcamp website.

The logo was designed to reflect the alternative rock/country audience. The large, but thin, lettering commands the audience’s attention on the album cover, while adding a sense of drama.

After the photoshoot, the images were then colourized with brown and orange hues while textures where applied. We also opted for handwritten portions of lyrics that Matthew wrote that overlapped the photos. The result was a look that had character and grit.