Health Skills launches on the web.

health-skills630Providing one-on-one service by physiotherapists, Health Skills treats Haligonians with client specific treatments. They provide innovative, personalized, best practice solutions to their clients according to the most current scientific information available. Best Evidence. Best Practice.

The logo focuses on the metaphor of a tree wrapped up for the winter. When the time is right, the tree is un-bound and ready to grow and move forward. This rhetoric has an uncanny resemblance to the process of the human body wanting to heal or to look for protection from injury.

Looking to create strategic visual graphics to reach their audience, Health Skills looked to Capture to develop a full spectrum of design communications beginning with a logo, then to a website, business cards, brochures, HDTV monitor ads etc. Wanting to interact with their audience using social media as well, we launched the Health Skills Facebook page designed with custom branding.

Teaming up with a local photographer, we brought engaging imagery to the website providing the same personalized attention to detail as Health Skills provides to their clients.

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