Perma-Dry injects their brand into the franchising market.


With over 30 years in the waterproofing and foundation repair business, PERMA-DRY has emerged as Canada’s leader in dry basements and concrete repair. PERMA-DRY pioneered a revolutionary product called PERMA-SEAL, formulated by founder Bill Cole and a team of chemists and engineers. Their product repairs cracked and leaky foundations from the inside, eliminating the need for costly and messy excavation. PERMA-SEAL is pressure-injected into a crack and the resin adheres to the concrete surface providing a custom-fit seal throughout the entire thickness of a wall. It can even be injected when water is pouring through!

PERMA-DRY came to Capture wanting to revamp their branding. The use of the rainbow has always been the distinguishing brand icon for them, and had been used in their former company name and logo, PERMA-CRETE. We focused on strengthening the rainbow and chose a typeface that was equally as bold. The new logo was thoroughly tested for flexibility in scaling as the logo had to work at very small and large sizes, ranging from Facebook ads and company uniforms, to building signage and vehicle graphics.

PERMA-DRY website


The new website had to focus mainly on two audiences. The first being the average homeowner who has a water problem in their basement. The second being business people who were looking for an business opportunity in the franchise marketplace.

With a strong desire for the website to be flexible and highly functional for end users, the website does not use flash but still incorporates animation elements (see the Contact Us page). This makes the site usable for iPhone/iPad users and works seamlessly with any other smart phone. Visit > PERMA-DRY

A Yellow Pages ad

A Yellow Pages ad

Business Card

Business Card front & back

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